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 The MTV Reviews

Everyone knows about bad boy Adam and baby momma Chelsea with all of their issues. However, has Adam at long last crossed the line? In a jealous goal of slamming baby momma he presented this text to the producers of MTV. He stated that she needed to be banned from the program and her future profits banned as well for using drugs to lose weight. When asked, Chelsea replied simply, “I take Garcinia, so what? Why is that wrong? Everyone else in Hollywood has taken it. I am trying to deal with a show, my family and of course, with Adam. I haven’t enough time to be inthe gym for hours on end.”

Clearly, this text shows that Chelsea admits that she is taking the drug Garcinia to lose weight. Everyone’s heard of this drug and no one has given it much thought so why is Adam so concerned? After talking with Chelsea, we can now see the exact product she is taking. It’s Pure Cambogia Ultra and its combined with a Natural Cleanse product Called Pure Life.

Here at MTV we’re surprised. We all thought that this was simply another miracle weight loss drug that didn’t work. We’d heard of it, but now we had our interest piqued. So, we cleared it with the legal team, and our lead editor urged us to do a case study. Chelsea was delighted to be the guinea pig. Her task? To try this diet and keep track of everything about it for 31 days.

To begin with, The Tamarind  is a fruit and native to India. It boasts high levels of HCA and increases production of Leptins by up to 130 percent which is why it lowers your appetite.

Prior to starting the experiment, we had to find the right  product. Insiders warned us that up to 90 percent of the products had less than 30 percent of the HCA extrac ( hydroxycitric acid) in them. All of the rest of the product was an edible filler. After some hard research, we found the right product. It’s on Amazon and had over 4000 positive comments and the rating was at a whopping 4.9. We were sold. As we began our purchase, we saw that there was another brand with a cleanse that was highly recommended. Pure Life Cleanse was used alongside of the Pure Cambogia Ultra.

Chelsea Houska, age 22, suggested that we use both these supplements for the diet detox combo along with Pure Life Cleanse. She successfully lost 42 pounds of extra weight by using this combination.

Apparently it harbors a secret, it suppresses the appetite and it also increases your metabolism. Meanwhile, Pure Life Cleanse is busy working to clean out your fat stores in your tissues and your digestive system along with its antioxidants.

Pure Cambogia Ultra is clinically proven to do the following:

Increase your metabolism up to 70 percent.
Boost higher levels of HCA ( Hydroxycitric acid) Adiposes in producing Leptins by up to 130 percent.
Boost your energy.

Pure Life  Cleanse is clinically proven to do the following:

It’s rich in Antioxidants.
It removes sludge from the walls of your stomach.
Helps to eliminate the toxins and the extra fat tissues that have built up in your body over the years.

To do our case study, we decided to order free samples of the Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse. Sadly, the free samples were gone. However, they ran a promo where they were giving away up to 10 bottles per day for just shipping and handling which amounted to around $5 if you were willing to take a 30 second survey that asked two questions. The quick promo ends in 3 days and not everyone would qualify but we gave it a shot. Thankfully, we qualified.

Here are the results:

Total results are: I was able to lose 28 pounds of fat in my stomach in just a month by using Pure Cambogia Ultra alongside of the Pure Life Cleanse diet. (Alice Clemmens).

1. I simply took one Garcinia  pills each morning.

2. I simply took one of the Cleanse pills each evening.


Week one:

This is day 7 of my experiment. I’ve been taking this detox and diet combo and at the start I weight in at 140 pounds. Today, after 7 days, I am weighing in at 136 pounds. Likely it’s water weight that I have lost and not fat. Natural Cleanse has helped to make a huge impact. I feel more energetic. Before the program, I was crashing by 3:00 every afternoon. Now that I’m on it I haven’t crashed yet. I am definitely going to use the Natural Cleanse again and again.


Week two:

I’ve been on the program now for 14 days. Today I weighed in at 132 pounds. I’ve lost 4 more pounds since my last weigh in. That’s 8 pounds total in the last 14 days. Again, I think the first 10 pounds or so are all water weight. I feel lower stress levels and I no longer twist and turn when I’m sleeping at night. I am also more energetic in the morning.


Week three:

Today marks 18 days into the program of detox diet combo. I know my pants are looser and I haven’t even stepped up on the scales as of yet. When I did step onto the scale, it read 128. Wow, I haven’t been this healthy since I was first married. I am even beginning to get some compliments from friends and co workers. Now, I know this diet is working. I am wondering if the 35 pounds that Amazon reviews state are really realistic and if I can achieve it. The next few weeks will tell.


Week four:

Oh my goodness! I am at day 28 and today I weight 123 pounds. I’ve cut back on the soda and I still have 5 more days to go on the plan. I’m thrilled. My husband is starting to flirt with me again. Last night we went out and I hadn’t done that in years. He is starting to get annoyed when other guys look at me. This hasn’t happened since we first got married.


Week five:

Well, it’s been 31 days. Today, I weigh 116 pounds. That’s just over 24 pounds that I lost in 31 days. I can’t begin to describe how great I feel now. It’s easier to shop for clothes and it doesn’t take me long to find something great to wear. I no longer have to ask the sales clerk if they carry an item in a larger size. My husband now takes me out nearly every weekend. He hasn’t done that in years.


My conclusion, just as we found out on MTV, you may be slightly doubtful regarding this diet program. However, unless you actually try it yourself, you can’t judge. After our study we are delighted to see others finding success with the program. I am delighted as well. I feel great. There’s nothing to lose but that extra weight and fat. If you want to order a free bottle, follow the links below. You’ll get a quality product.

Reach your weight loss with Pure Cambogia Ultra along with the Pure Life Cleanse.

Alice Clemmens~ Know More Secrets.

Special Note: As stated above, free bottles are gone however, there is a survey that is still going on that you can try to see if you will qualify for a free bottle. It’s only 2 questions and takes about 30 seconds.

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